Dear Daniel,

Thank you for providing an amazing season of training for both Sarah and Watching! Scott and I are truly amazed at just how far Sarah’s skill level has developed with you as her trainer. She is a strong, confident rider who, in merely one year’s time as an Eventer, is competing at the Training level.

In past, I had always held my breath when Sarah was in competition, praying merely that she would finish safely. From her very first Eventing competition with you this summer, I realized that I was actually able to breathe and enjoy Sarah’s ride.

As a mother, it is quite a gift to know that, in a sport that is inherently dangerous, there is a trainer who equips his students with the knowledge, attitude, and skill level to be both successful and safe!

With great gratitude during this Thanksgiving season,

– Jeanette and Scott Jeffrey

Sarah Jeffrey Interview with Eventing Nation about Daniel Clasing Eventing: http://eventingnation.com/home/working-student-diaires-sarah-jeffrey/

I came to Daniel with my young 4yr old OTTB mare who is my first ever green horse as my own. I had ridden other greenies but none as smart or challenging as her and I needed an extra push from Dan who I knew is an expert when it comes to OTTBs. Under his guidance, my mare and I really began to click and things began making sense to us both. I am so excited to continue working with him so we can compete this year and hopefully move up the levels!

-Kaitlyn Julio


Dan is a great clinician! He is very patient with horse and rider, always comes up with thoughtful and fun exercises, and pays attention to detail. His solid basics make him able to teach anyone from a novice student to those riding at advanced levels. He is willing to school client’s horses to illustrate training methods, which I know is highly appreciated. I do not hesitate to recommend Dan for lessons, training, or clinics.
-Kate Miska at Columbia Horse Center

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